MCSP Experiences

We asked our past interns to share some of their MCSP expereinces. Below you find a glimpse into their time in Germany.

What's been the most rewarding part about working and living abroad? One of the most rewarding parts about working/living abroad is that not only do I get to immerse myself in a different culture and gain a truly authentic and unique experience of that culture (such as visiting historical sights, taking part in celebrations, and tasting the food), but at the same time, I am able to gain real-life experience in the fields I am interested in.
Do you have any advice for students who are thinking of living or interning abroad? You have to be open to anything, within reason. A co-worker invites you out to lunch or out with a group for dinner after work. Join. You have a free weekend and are new to the area. Explore. Someone you’ve befriended offers an idea for something you could do while abroad. If it’s something you might enjoy, do it. Having a personable demeanor will allow to adapt easier to the places you will go.
Is there anything else you would like to share? I believe it is an absolute must to experience living in Europe. Step outside your comfort zone and meet new people as well, traveling alone might sound scary at first but it is worth it for the people you will meet. The best experiences I have had in Europe were from traveling alone and talking with new people.
Please reflect on your MCSP experience: Overall, I would love to repeat the internship. The ability to work halfway across the world while being paid a livable salary and attend additional events was incredible. Any student would greatly benefit from this experience. This is an excellent and well thought out way to get students exploring where their field can take them outside of the United States and see what sort of work is being done elsewhere