Trans-Atlantic relations, in particular the relations between the US and Germany, have been a strategic component of geopolitical security policies for decades. New, serious challenges with great risks for the security of nations, companies, and individuals require constantly new forms of cooperation. Defending and overcoming cyber threats is high up on the list of challenges faced by governments and corporate executives.

This context was the motivation for a special partnership between the US and Germany. Markus Geier, CEO of Munich’s cyber security and digital transformation consultancy ComCode GmbH, had the idea of a cyber security initiative that creates value for Bavarian companies as well as young professionals in the industry. ComCode’s partner in this endeavour, Champlain College (located in Burlington, Vermont), has an outstanding focus on cyber security and digital forensics. This was the perfect foundation to set up the MCSP program together. The idea was first realized with a pilot project in the summer of 2017, where ComCode welcomed the first student to Germany for 3 months. Since 2017, the MCSP program has expanded (incl. remote internships) and offers unique experiences to students and companies.

For companies interested in the Munich Cyber Security Program, more information can be found in the "Employer" section of the website. For Champlain College students, all relevant information is summarized in the "Student" section.