Transatlantic relations, in particular the relations between the US and Germany, have been a strategic component of geopolitical security policy for decades. New, serious challenges with great risks for the security of nations, companies and individuals require constantly new forms of cooperation. Cyber threats and their mastery and defense thereof are high up on the lists of governments and corporate executives. This framework was the motivation for a special partnership between the USA and Germany. Markus Geier, CEO of Munich’s Cyber Security consultancy ComCode GmbH, and advisor to the Munich Security Network, had the idea of a Cyber Security cooperation "USA - Munich" that has now become MCSP, short for Munich Cyber Security Program. ComCode’s partner in this endeavor, Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, has an outstanding focus on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, and both are central topics at ComCode. This combination was the perfect foundation to set up the MCSP program. The idea was first realized with the pilot internship project in the summer of 2017, where ComCode welcomed the first intern to Germany for 3 months. After successful completion of the first internship in the field of Cyber Security, the MCSP program is ready to expand and offer more internships to students / highly skilled young talent to interested German based companies.

Below you will find some basic information about the structure of the Munich Cyber Security Program. The program is designed to be mutually efficient and straight forward for students and employers. For more detailed information, please feel free to reach out to ComCode directly.