Virtual 2021

Since taking a break from the MCSP in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, we worked to ensure that a 2021 round of MCSP internships will take place. As we’ve all adjusted to new virtual work modes throughout the past year, we have adapted this approach to be able to present and implement an innovative 2021 MCSP model: individual internships that will be taking place completely remotely for the first time! We are looking forward to having five qualified and excited students working virtually for various Bavarian companies. The internships will be taking place between May – August, and the work will be performed from a secure and supportive environment at the Leahy Center at Champlain College. This year’s new approach is a manifestation of the great collaboration we’ve established with Champlain College since launching the MCSP program in 2017. The mutual willingness to annually improve our program adds value to all parties involved in the MCSP. Reflecting on past internships and the ones ahead of us, we are proud to regularly have such motivated groups of companies as well as students taking part in this transatlantic partnership.

Topics for the remote internships this year include: